back on track

August 20, 2009

Here I go again! I am back to normal (not being on the road living out of my suitcase and in hotels) and finally having little bit time for one of my desires like blogging. It is so good to be back! You probably have noticed that I haven't been around much lately, well, around a month to be more precise. Me, being absent might just have to do with traveling to States and being on roadtrip for 1 week with my fiancee, and settling down in Colorado searching for a place that will be our home for short term of period. After couple disappointments and never ending search we finally found a wonderful house outside Denver close to Castle Rock where Darren starts his new fund-raising campaign.

But, you are probably more curious about our roadtrip that started in Vermont ending in Colorado and was awesome by the way. So, to make you happy I have couple pictures and notes to share (still working on day 5 and 7 though). Enjoy!!!

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