little deco ball.

August 28, 2009

 When I was arranging my flowers into the vases this week, I got stuck with the rest of the bottom leaves and little sprouts. I usually throw them out but the sprouts from the purple flowers I picked outside in our yard (they were here before so I am not sure what's the name) made me think.
They really looked good when I put them into a little bouquet and it looked even better when I made a little ball out of it. It is holding without any strings or glue. I put it into the water to get some moisture but I am pretty sure it will look good even when the ball dries out. In that case, it would be probably smart to spray it with some adhesive or some hair finish to keep it in one piece thought.
I'm thinking to make probably more of these little balls (it just looks better when there is more) and spray it with different colors might look good too. They might be even a good Christmas tree deco, little gold balls, just adding a piece of string to it...hmmmmmm.

Happy Friday to everybody!!!

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