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August 23, 2009

 Welcome to my new world! This is it - my crafting room for couple months. We found this great house outside Denver and there is so much space that I even can have my own room to put all my crafting stuff that I purchased while being in Colorado. I just love how the table is set in the room and that I have the view at the hallway. Also, I am a big fan of those double glass door - sooo elegant.

I really adore the furniture in here. It's all white, which is not my favorite color because I get it dirty pretty fast, but I love the country style and the table is just awesome (I love the little drawers - everything is at hand). I put the Andy Warhol's posters (got them in Pittsburgh while on the roadtrip ) on each side to keep me company and to make it also more cozy. I think I have enough stuff for now, what do you think:) They had so many transparent stamps on sale at Micheal's that I couldn't resist. What can I say I am addicted. Awful, I know:))
Well, maybe I can get couple more stamps and punches - you never now which one you will need:)

I even have an aquarium in here. It was Darren's idea to get some pet as we cannot have any dogs at this moment. Right now it is empty as we have to set the aquarium first and get the right water consistency. Than we bring a water sample back to the pet-store the next day to test. After it will be in the proper condition we can get fishes. Wow, I didn't know how much you have to do before you can actually own a pet-fish:))) but I guess this avoids a lot of deadly accidents, so smart:) I think I will miss this room when I will go back home but at least I got some new ideas how to update my old craft room. I'll say bye for now but stay tuned for new creations soon:)

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