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December 21, 2008

I have a great news for you but first of all I wanna mention how happy and relieved I am that I am done with all the Christmas mailing! Remember those last 3 envelopes waiting on my table for proper addresses, they are on the way now! I mailed them on Friday ( I didn't make it on Thursday, I wish!) this time from our small post office down in the town because I though it will be less busy. Guess what?! I almost turned back just because there was like 50 people waiting in the line but I had to send them because Friday was already late (Again!!! I think I need to start with Christmas cards little bit earlier, he-he). So, I overcome my antipathy of standing in lines and stayed:((

The funny thing was that my poor dog was waiting outside the post-office dragging the bike-stand around to which I tide him up checking every person coming out of the building looking for me (I didn't know he is that strong, it was a metal one too!!!). I guess it was kinda scary for the people because I have a German Shepard - so, you can imagine:))) But, he is a great dog and he would not harm anybody (well, tell that to those people looking at enormous dog dragging a metal rack around checking and sniffing on everybody:)))

The 2nd reason I am happy is that Darren is finally here!!! He came yesterday and we though he's gonna be stuck in New York for a while because of a big storm coming that way. I guess he came on time because around 600 flights where canceled leaving from JFK that evening. We already managed to go to the Christmas market to get some Gypsies liver in a bun, poppy pancakes, and cooked wine (yummy!!!). Don't worry it is not real Gypsies liver:))) just a piece of grilled chicken or pork with grilled onions wrapped in a piece of bread ( I could kill for that food and Darren too!).

So, back to the news I actually wanted to write about. I had first 2 official orders for my tags and cards!!! Isn't that exciting! Well, I got one from my own mother for her flower stores but hey, I get paid for that:))). So, that one was an order for 50 Christmas tags and couple cards. The 2nd one was for a friend of my friend (ha-ha) and it was exactly 11 Christmas tags. Here are couple pictures...

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