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December 17, 2008

Finally, my pile of handmade Christmas cards got bigger and most of them are even sent, hurray!!! Just tree cards are on 'the hold it' pile just because I lost some addresses. It is very sad I know:(. But, the rest is on its way, which is a good news:). Don't you think? Well, at least it is a good one for me because I really hate to send stuff.
Don't get me wrong. I love to make cards and give it to the people but I hate to go to the post office just because they give me hard time every time I go. Either, I can't send a red envelope (their post office code is red or something like that) or I have to write the address only in black or blue ink ( I wrote it once in gold ink), or I have a weird shape of envelope (excuse me, I made it by myself!). I just want to send my own special card but their don't allowed me that (what a shame!).
And the lines! Soooo looooong... The lines at the post office are incredibly long, which drives me crazy. I know it is Christmas time, and everybody wants to send their cards and packages but I hate to wait in the line! You know the feeling when you choose a line that seems shorter and after a while you realize the guy in the line next to you who actually came after you is already by the window sending his pile of Christmas cards and you have like 5 people in front of you!!! Not fair and sooo painful!!! Or a lady in front of you just got like 100 envelopes out of her plastic bag. What a nightmare! Ok, enough complaining:)))
Here are additional cards I created. I really enjoyed the previous project with the sewed star and tree. So, I decided to do additional cards in that spirit. I got practice and my fingers didn't get that many stabbings from the needle like before (still I wish I could find a thimble in this house ).
Here are my stars! I add couple beats this time to make it more interesting and also different. I used also Pritt foam double side tape because the tread, this time gold, is thicker and was making bubbles. The foam tape makes the star to come forward nicely.

And, here are my trees. I also made them little bit special and I add a trunk. I made a different one on each card to add a little bit of extra:))), just a little bit. Also, I used a little bit of pigment ink on the edges of the orange squares on which I sewed the trees - bronze ink one on the light green and gold on the darker green card. The gold frame is no that visible though.

I also found this wooden stars on the Christmas market again and couldn't resist to use them, again:), like in my previous Lantern card project. I just love these ornaments so much and I have to confess that I bought more than one:)))) but those will be saved for the next Christmas season. I am starting to think about making my own wooden stars but I guess that would be too much work for me:)))

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