number 4&5.

December 09, 2008

My pile of Christmas cards is getting bigger, hurray!!! I am really glad about that. Hope fully I will be able to send it on time:)). But, I found out just recently that I have to add couple new people on my Christmas card list so I have to be more active and quicker. Well, that doesn't sound like me:)).

This was another hand-sewing project. I am starting to like it more and more (I definitely need new sewing machine though). I saw a similar project but i can't remember where and I also did something similar before while ago with a different pattern, made a star with a gold tread on a red paper. Nice contrast that was looking good and the colors created a festive look but never finished the project. I have to go back to that sometimes and I will try to post it later.

I like how these cards came out. First, I cut out a pattern to make sure that all the holes are in a pretty line. Than I punched each hole through the pattern on the card with a needle. This was the hardest part, where the sewing and adding the beats was fun, fun, fun:)))

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