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December 11, 2008

I FELL IN LOVE! Don't worry honey, I am still adoring you (just in case, if Darren is reading it, haha). I just got new phone this week and I am so trilled about it! No iPhone and no Omnia for me as I though first but it is still Samsung, Smg Touchwiz. Everything is so cool about it, much cheaper, and the best thing is that it has a 5mgp camera (as if I need new camera, haha). But also, another super-duper thing is that my new baby has a touchable screen. Lovable this little machine! The screen has already couple apricot jam prints on it (couldn't take my hand away during the lunch, sorry). I even sleep with it and play games in late night because I can't stop to try out the touchable screen. I am weird, I know:) But, you have to understand, this is my 1st new phone after six long years having the same old device!!! The technology changed you know:))

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