butterfly thank you.

October 03, 2009

I am definitely not singing today. I probably should just because is the weekend but I literally lost my voice yeterday:(. I got cold and sore throat 3 days ago, an I thought that everything is behind me and now this. 'D' is enjoying it a lot, making fun of me when I whisper:) So, we have a quiet household for now. Well, at least I am being quiet for a while and playing in my office with paper because I can't have a normal conversation with 'D' without laughing at me or me punching him.

This was a card I made I while ago and didn't really blog about it. I used green base card, one of the papers from a paper block collection from Micheal's, a butterfly stamp from Paper-source embossed with clear embossing powder. Using black marker to draw 2 lines and adding self-adhesive yellow half pearls on the top of each line I created butterfly's antennas. Additionally, I print out a quote about giving thanks on piece of sheer paper and embossed it with the transparent powder. I stamped the same sheer paper with a flower stamp using pink stamping color, embossed it with transparent powder, and finally punched 3 butterflies with the pink embossed surface. I bent both of the wings on each butterfly putting a little bit adhesive on the bottom and pressing 2 of them to the both sides of the sheer paper and one to the left bottom corner.
Enjoy your weekend!

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