pillow making.

October 11, 2009

I am happily back home in Slovakia and working on the scented pillows again. Did not unpacked yet but took over the craft project that I left unfinished. My sewing machine is still broken so I am using my own, good Lord!!! I bought these great Tilda fabrics while I was in Norway this past summer and just I love the different patterns they come in. I need to find a lot of lavender for stuffing though. Also, I am using this great felted ribbon with cute bird sitting on the branches that I bough at a flower market here in Slovakia. The orange felt is a nice contrast to the fabric. I'm thinking to make some with Christmas accents later, maybe attach some jingle bells or stars. But, that will happen when I get my sewing machine fixed  or buy a new one that would take me out of the misery. 

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