baby-bel heart.

October 04, 2009

You probably know the Mini BabyBel cheese encased in red wax. Sooo cute and delicious! We love it and buy it as a snack for trips or hiking. But, what is really interesting is the red wax, just such a good material for little red hearts for example:) So basically, I am recycling again (I should probably rename my blog into 'little recycling frog', hehe). I use all 6 wax pieces from the package and made couple wax hearts of different sizes. I used the biggest heart for this card and made little circles with a thin straw adding a texture to the heart. And at last, I used a black market to write 'Love' to make it more clear:)

If you look closer on the below picture a little lady bug wanted to be a part of my project, and she sure completes my card:)Enjoy the rest of the day!

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