When life gives you lemons...make cards!

October 06, 2009

I am still kinda sick and I am stuffing my self with lemons and hot tea and other healthy stuff. At least my coughing is still stuck with me. And, because I am grounded at home I kill the time with making cards. How surprising! :)

So, how about a butterfly card??? I know the fall is knocking on the door but why not enjoy a card full of spring scent for a moment? Yellow base card is from 'Recollections' stamped with Ann Griffin stamp using green color and transparent embossing powder. The butterflies are hands stamped on a gold glossy paper with AG stamp as well, embossed with white powder and cut. I added couple of dried leaves for the butterflies to sit on and a 'you're invited' embossed note on the gold glossy paper with orange gem-stones on each side.

Have a great day!

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