scrabble for love.

February 03, 2009

Here are 2 additional cards I made for our store. Will see how it will go with the sale:)))
This card was very complicated to finish. I glued all the gems to the paper using tweezers and I can tell you that I am not a patient person. All the gems putting to the right place was driving me crazy!!! I was on my knees couple times to look for dropped stones and was playing with it for a while to find the right position of each gem-stone but it was fun for sure:))) The blue flowery paper is from Martha Stewart and I also used the scrabble letters I bought in Michaels a while ago and now I find them ideal for this card.
For this card I used papers from Paper-Source company in Boston. This store is amazing and I always have to buy something there, even-though, it is little bit expensive. But, their stuff is amazing, especially the papers are gorgeous. It is really hard to resist and not to get at least one thing int that store!!! The three wooden hearts are from a cute little gift shop in the center of Bratislava. So what do you think about my new Valentine's day addition?:)

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