an award.

February 10, 2009

I just got the Life is Grand Award from Silverhartgirl of helping mommys win. The rules are simple - I have to list 5 reasons why life is grand and pass it on to 5 people. So... well, this is not that easy as I though. Damn, there are so many things why life is grand and I need to list it into 5 reasons?!?! Hmmmm....ok, let's do this. The life is grand just because of...

1. My only love of my life, Darren. Thank you for always being there for me, I love you!
2. All my friends and my family. Where would I be without you, I love you all guys!
3. My two dogs, who make me happy every day.
4. My crafting, that I would never give up in my whole life:)))
5. My camera through which I can stop the time

And, here are my nominations
1. Marianne who is a great person, a great artist, and whose work is an inspiration to me.
2. Mel over at MelStampz who wrote about me so nicely and boost the number of visitors at my blog. She has really wonderful blog.
3.Mina at Pinkpuds who is so nice to me in her comments and makes wonderful cards.
4. Bec from Bizzy Becs who send me a wonderful blogcandy and wonderful stamp as an extra gift all over from Australia.
5. Inka from Inkastamps who designs wonderful stamps

Congratulations Ladies on the Life is Grand Award! You all are my great inspiration and I'm glad I have the opportunity to meet you at least through your blogs:))

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