'i love you' day.

February 15, 2009

Happy belated Valentine's day to everybody! Hope you enjoyed it in a proper way. My Valentine's day was a working day for me as I was helping out my mom in her store. Actually, the whole weekend was busy for me. Today, I was out making a short movie project with my friends for one of our classes. This is the way how to make the Project Management class more enjoyable. It was so much fun! I might show it to you later when it's done. So, I am posting little bit late folks, hopefully you forgive me. I have great pics for you to share though. The top picture is my today's found while I was making dinner. Potatoes in a shape of heart on the Valentine's day. Now, that I call symbolism! I also was working on the fabric hearts that were made for my mom's store to sell and the card as well. 

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