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February 05, 2009

My love had birthday in January, and I made a card for him. I couldn't show it to you earlier to not to spoil the surprise for him. Now, when he got it (it went on a long trip from Slovakia to US) I can show you how does it look like:)
I love dogs and Darren likes beer and here is the outcome, he-he. I used dimensional dogie stickers that were lying in my drawer for a while and finally I decided to use them. The same with the beer sticker that I bought... jesus... like 6 year ago. Wow, I need to inspect my drawer more often:)).

Also, I found use for the clear plastic pearls I got from my mom. She got them in the flower warehouse - there is so much cool stuff to find!!! I love to go there with my mom but she rather goes by herself ( I just buy to much stuff, ha-ha). The pearls are flat from one side, so, it is easy to attach it to whatever you want. I used them to represent beer bubbles:)))
The brown ribbon is from Martha Stewart and it is self-adhesive (everything self-adhesive is smart). The metal embellishment is from the patchwork store in Center Harbor, NH, and the bubble letters as well as the dogie sticker are from Walmart. I don't even remember where I got the blue background paper. I am glad I had it though:)) Happy Birthday honey!!!

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