lucy with love.

February 04, 2009

My pile of Valentine's cards is growing bigger:)). This one probably reminds you on my previous project with metal mesh and plastic net from fruit I just recently posted about:)). Well, you are right:) The trick is the same, just this time I used orange net and mesh for the heart, couple dimensional letters, and green, tissue paper.

I always wanted to use the pipe cleaners in my projects. They are so fluffy and so easy to form. So, I formed a heart out of a red one, very cute:) Then, I just added piece of canvas ribbon I found in our basement ( my mom has a lot of treasure down there, ha), attached the heart, and spelled 'be mine' out of rub-on letters I got at Wallmart, and the card is ready to go:)) So, who wants to BE MINE?:)

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