the wedding is over & the winner is...

October 03, 2010

I am still here and alive. The wedding was great and we truly enjoyed every minute of it. For now, I have only couple pictures from my cousin Marianne who is a very talented photographer and took excellent pictures of me and Darren:) I will definitely have some more photos from the photographer we hired for our wedding. I just need to be more patient and wait couple more days. I don't know if I can though, it already feels like waiting for ever.
I was little bit busy this last week as we made a little honeymoon trip to Czech rep. and Germany and I apologize that I didn't pick the winner on time. To make it up to you I'll put an extra little surprise to the stack I am giving away and I will pick the winner right now.

So, I wrote each entered name on a piece of paper..
and made my new husband to pick the winner...
and he picked...

Congrats to the winner !!!
Chrissy, please email me at to give me your mailing address.

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