the shoes.

September 22, 2010

My wedding shoes are green. Originally, I wanted these in red... Pomposo from Stuart Weitzman - I just love the flower on it! NO CHANCE... unfortunately out of stock:-( Than we stumble upon SW brick store in Denver & Darren actually dragged me there to ask about the shoes & guess what... the white ones can be colored into any color I want, even into green if I want to. WOW! But, white ones were out of stock as well, at least in my size:-( So, I ended up with these... designing my own shoes - in my own color, style, & size of the heel. How AWESOME is that??? The color is just perfect & the good news is that I payed a lot less than what I would have pay for the SW. And, they are so comfortable! I can't wait to wear them at my wedding.

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