moo cow.

June 21, 2010

She is from a milk company brochure. I got her with our milk delivery in Denver, which was awesome by the way. We got fresh milk and chocolate milk directly from cows every week (the choc milk was from a cow that was fed only by chocolate, true story!). But honestly, you could taste the difference right the way. That would be one of the reasons why I would move to Denver for ever. And, this is from a person who doesn't even like the milk that much:)

But, back to the moo cow on the picture. She was on the brochure with all the info about the milk products that the company offered and so. I cut her out because she was just too cute to be trown away and I saved the pic for later... you know when the mojo is high and working:)
I used the same technique that I showed in wrap paper making. I even picked the same colors and the same wooden fabric stamp but in a different way. I just used the green paint for the background and the yellow for the dotted stamping. I added couple foam adhesive squares to the cow picture and the word sentiment from a magazine free kit to make it stand out against the color splash. Very artsy and fun to make! I usually enjoy every second when playing with paint. I guess it's the great feeling acting like a child without any rules comparing it with mud games or jumping into paddles in my shiny green rainboots when I was kid. So enjoyable:)

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