lost & found at the beach...

June 26, 2010

Look what I found at the beach... well, not the whole frame but the seashells on it:). It cost me a lot of work to make it look like this. I was searching for the right shells for couple days. The mission was simple... walking on the beach and looking for shells in same size! The outcome of couple beach walks... seashells of different sizes for couple more frames, a lot of colorful sea-glass, rusted metal wheel, rusted key, an old metal spoon (maybe from a shipwreck), and Darren rolling eyes by all that junk that was spread out on our dining table for a while, hehe.
So, how it goes? The process is very easy and you just need couple items - wooden frame with a mirror or without (you can make a picture frame for example), hot-glue gun, and couple shells. Don't use the glue right the way. First, spread out the shells around the frame the way you want it. Than, it's time to use the gun:). Take the first shell positioned on the frame and apply a little bit of hot glue around its edge and attach it quickly back to the wood frame, one after each other. Have fun!!!

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