i am still here...

June 17, 2010

...and alive, well kinda:) I had little bit issues with my wedding preparations and I am stress out as hell! 2 weeks ago they canceled my place that was reserved since March because of technical issues and I was looking for a different place that would be at least half as good. I found couple that could work but this week the owner of the canceled place got back to me with a great news - the problem is solved and I can have the place!!! I am really happy and also concerned how everything will worked out. Now, I understand all those brides on the US show - Bridezilla. The only difference is that I am organizing almost everything by myself. Well, I am difficult person as well but in this case my family is aggravating me not the opposite. I believe the wedding will be fun, I hope I won't have a collapse:)

I forgot to take pics the first time I went to check out the place. Hopefully, I will take couple this weekend when I will bring the deposit. For now I will just describe it a little - before a children camp -> now, completely renovated wooden cottages, hiding in a forest, and there are sheep and peacocks near by. So idyllic! Will see how idyllic everything will be on the 25. September. Right now I am working on the menu - I think I will have just a nervous brake-down over a chicken:) So, hold your thumbs for me!

xoxo Lucy

PS: Did u see the new look of my blog??? I just love the new layout designs at blogger! It was about time:) I have to work on my banner a little bit though, it looks little bit odd now with 2 titles:)

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