enjoy the life.

May 07, 2010

That's my motto for today and I sure enjoyed it! I went to the beach this afternoon and it was just beautiful. The sale-boats are parking out on the ocean now. So, I believe the summer season is close, very close. I love the smell of the salt water and finding treasures in the sand while walking on the beach. Well, I am not counting the smoochy sound when I step on the washed out seaweed that smells... well like ocean:) But, my collection of seashells is growing and D will be happy about the fact that our dining table is occupied by bigger selection of beautiful findings from the deepest bottom of the ocean.

My today's card project speaks about enjoying... enjoying anything in the life... the morning sun that is really happily bright today... the blue sky that can't be more blue today... the cereals that are tasting so much better sitting on the porch while reading the local paper... enjoying little thinks is the key:)
The sun is actually a cut-out from a magazine. It's a picture of a soap in a shape of a sun. I god more cut-outs like this and made more project in this theme:). You know I was bored, again:) Doted card is from a pack at Michaels on sale, some scrap yellow paper, couple foam tape pieces, and one gold brad and rub-on sentiment from MM... that's all what I used.So, little advice from me... Enjoy every day and every little think that happens in your life! It's worth to care:)

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