butterflies wings.

May 06, 2010

...hand-cut butterflies again... I guess I have too much free time:) But you just have to love those stamps! But still, the punch would be easier. The ribbon from Martha Stewart was on sale. So, I think it was a good purchase, plus I like the color combination on that one:) Card is from a pack of 20 from Micheals on sale and dollie was also bought at the Micheals store. The sentiment puff sticker 'A fairy tale love' is from a set of stickers from 'M' source. I am starting to call this store M from now, I think I wrote Micheals like 1000 times on this blog:) The pink square paper is from a crafting set that I got on clearance for cheep at M. Jesus, I'm soooo cheep!:)

I still can't decide, which version is better. Less is always more but I think I'll still vote for the busy one:)

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