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July 06, 2009

One of my best friend Ivana came for visit from Washington, DC last week, and we had our usual session at my house with another friend of ours, Monika. We usually bring a lot of food and drink wine and talk about everything. It supposed to be really special because I didn't see Ivana over 2 years. But, the pajama party end up kind of different then the others before. My two friends fall a sleep at 9 pm. Unbelievable!!! What a lame party:) I guess we are getting old:(
So, I told you about one of my many special days from my life, hehe. Now, on to something more creative. I made this two little pictures taken at Ivana's wedding to remember for both of my friends, perfectly made for office desk at work with a tulip photo holder from our store or to hang it on a bulletin board as I add a ribbon to it. I put it into self-adhesive foil so it is almost indestructible. So, if they spill coffee over their desk is perfectly safe! I miss that great time when we where having fun at the wedding:) Have a great week everybody!!!

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