out in Norway.

July 03, 2009

These days I am in Norway visiting my other part of the family:) Yes, I confess, I am a half Norwegian:) It is great to be back, even-though, my baggage didn't made it right away and I had to borrow some clothes from my cousin the 1st day (I am glad I have some female cousins as well)! I wasn't here during the summer for ages. It is pretty hot right now, so unusual for this place and still light out there (it is 11pm but feels like 4 in the afternoon), which is definitely usual. Tomorrow, we gonna drive to the summerhouse to see my grandma. I didn't see her for two & half year! I am so exited to see her again and the cottage too:)
Anyways, guess what... before I left to Norway, I was able to finish all the wedding invitations for my friend Romana, exactly 120 hand-made pieces! I was dreaming about those little orange squares already:) But now, the project is finished!!! I am so happy and sad in the same time:) Happy that I finished it (it is not that much fun to make the same card 120 times) and sad that it is over (making those squares was actually fun, haha). Here is the outcome...

 I'll show you later the whole process:) Have a great weekend!

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