spring is here.

April 15, 2009

Little bit late but I am finally posting some spring pictures. It is too early in the season to have such warm weather here in Slovakia but OHHHH it feels so good to be in the sun and enjoy all the blooming beauty!!! I don't mind at all to have spring earlier. I am trying to fix our garden a little bit. I did a lot of stuff already but a lot of work is left I can tell you that:( I will post pictures later after it will be all neat and trimmed nicely:) How about some pictures from my Grandparents animal park and garden at their house?!?!

Here is me and the bunny on Easter Monday in my grandparents backyard. You can see the pond and the rockery (hope that's the right English expression) my gradma works on. She plants different types of plants and flower. The right side (which is not completely in the picture) is all done, the left side is still in progress.

and closer look at the tulips from the left side of the rockery in full bloom
My grandfather is a tulip freak like me and has at least 20 different kinds of tulips in his other garden. He also grows peonies, gladiolas, daffodils, dahlias and raises pigeons, bunnies, bees, and has two cats. Crazy, I know:)
One of my grandpa's cat Mina, she is a cutie:)
Elizabeth, here are my real bunnies. That picture from before was just borrowed:))

Trying to be invisible, hiding in the strawberries
My dog in the way as always
So cute! I love these long ears!
Sleeping together...or on each other
and hiding from the sun
One of the pigeons
and another one

Sorry for the picture overload but I wanted to show you all the cute pics of bunnies:)

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