I am back.

April 07, 2009

It was a long time since I wrote anything on my blog...well...almost a month! And, I can say I missed it a lot, especially browsing through other awesome blogs admiring the beautiful creations or getting some inspiration. But, now I'm finally back! Well, at least I hope I want make such a long brake again, ever:) It also didn't help that I cut my leg on a broken glass after I arrived home from over 3weeks long trip. I ended up having 6 stitches. Awesome!

Anyways, Darren and me had so much fun together in States, even though, it was just for such a short time. He picked me up in Boston and we saw couple of our friends from RDC, a beautiful resort on Squam Lake in NH, where we meet 7 years ago. It was a great weekend and it reminded me on time we spent in the resort. We also went to Rhode Island for couple days, and the rest of the time we stayed in Darren's home in Vermont. We enjoyed skying and hanging out with friends. It was a great vacation!

I would definitely find time to blog during the stay but we had little bit troubles with the Internet and I didn't have my 'tools' with me to create something artsy to show you either:)))) At least I had my camera to feel little bit artistic.

So, here are couple pics from Burlington, VT. I love this city sooo much!!! I think I wanna live here someday. For now, I'm just a tourist snapping tons of pictures :)

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