little green frog on a roadtrip.

April 19, 2009

I god new pics of one of our little green frogs that comes back every spring to live in our unused pool (at least somebody is using it, ha-ha). He is a big traveler:) Yesterday, he decided to take a trip in a plant my mom brought for her stores and left outside our house for the night. Next day she put all the plants into the car to bring them to the stores. First, she thought it was a leave falling when she was unpacking the flowers on the parking-lot but it was our little froggie jumping away. He would probably be run by some car if he would not be rescued. He spent the whole day in a plastic box with my mom at work until he (probably all confused) got let out in our garden. Now he is all noisy and ribbiting as laud as possible to let know everybody (or frog ladies) that he is back.

Finally, I got a good pic of a green one this time and I used it for my banner right a way. It is much better now I think and hubby will be happy too. He was lecturing me that my frog is not green at all and if my blog is having a 'Green' title it should be a green frog on the picture and not a gray one:))) Here you go hun, this one is for just for you - it can't be any greener!

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