lots of love#2.

January 29, 2009

Finally!!! I got inspiration or maybe call it luck:))) but I am really satisfied with my card ratio now. I was so much in roll that I didn't make only one but a couple of Valentines cards at once. I think I will offer them for sale at my mom's store:))) They are really simple but full of love. Comments are welcomed:)
This little mouse I used on the red card and my mom got for her stores are so adorable that I had to steal couple from her. They have a little foam sticker on the back so they are perfectly made for card use:)

Got metal mesh from my mom in 3 wonderful colors (well I repossess it when she brought it home, hehe) and I used the red one to form a heart for the card below. The red material inside the mesh is actually a artificial net which is usually used for packing fruit, this time mandarines:) I knew I will find the way to use it one day:)

And on the end, these cards express the love with flower power! Again, I used the flowers I got from my cousin, I love these things, so useful to have them!!! I put so much love in every petal:))))

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