bye, bye christmas.

January 08, 2009

Today, I was putting down our Christmas tree (sad I know) and I took couple pictures of my last minute tree ornaments that I did just before the Christmas day and decided to show them to you. It is little bit late I know but maybe I can inspire you for next season:)))

These are also a quick and easy project for kids to make - use gold case from Toffifee box (children can help you with eating the chocolate), roll it, and staple it. And voala, we have an easy, cheap, and fancy looking Christmas tree ornament:))

This is an ornament I posted about before. This one can't be more easy! The tools you need is toilet paper role, sharp craft knife, glue, gold spray paint, and some inspiration:)))

As you can see, this Christmas I decided to decorate the tree in gold accents. I found these old artificial poinsettia flowers in our basement lying around unused. The only thing I had to do is changing the color a little bit - a little of gold spray paint and some gold glitters definitely helped. Perfect!!!

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