butterfly it is.

January 20, 2009

I just went through my pictures and I realized that I forgot to show you couple cards I made before Christmas. You know - the preparation for the season was hectic!!! No Christmas theme though:)) I had two birthdays I had to cover (my mom's and my best friend's) and was fed up with cold and winter. I decided to concentrate more on something warmer, perhaps butterflies:))). Here we go...

This card was really tough one - my first project where I actually decided to use a sewing machine. It was hard I can tell you. I inherited mine from my mom and I think this sewing 'miracle' was already old when she was using it:))) The machine is my curse - it is very slow and it always get stuck. But, when I start something than I always finish it. Well, that is not completely true, at least I am trying to finish all of my projects. Ok, ok, I managed to finish only some of them - the rest is unfortunately hiding in my drawer or box or closet waiting to be done:)) Oh well, who says that doing craft is easy?!?!

I was pretty cheap on used materials. Just paper, tread, and little bit of electricity to kick on the sewing machine:)))
I used a plastic butterfly template that I got with couple others that came together with a crafting magazine. Pretty useful these things!
The card also has two versions. Wasn't sure which writing should I use - rub on or sticker saying 'Happy Birthday'. The sticker won!

The other card, the motif is also a butterfly, was also harassed with sewing machine. This time it was little bit funny too. First, I saw the pink rectangle paper to the card and was careful enough to remember that I have to open the card before I start to sew those two papers together and prevent sewing both front and back page of the base card together. I guess I was thinking about something else when I started with the butterflies. Guess what happen... you are guessing right... the back page of the card has couple wholes to cover, haha...

I also used couple fabric flower I got from my cousin Marianne and put metal eyelets in the middle of each. These flowers are awesome by the way! Can't wait to use them in other projects:))
This time, I made my own pattern. I draw different shapes of a butterfly first, on a white paper using a pencil than I picked the one I liked the most and cut it out. I transferred the butterfly on a pattern paper. I am really big fan of these papers - they are from Martha Stewart of course - anyways, the colors and design is pretty neat don't you thing??? Loving it!!!

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