I shouldn't.

February 05, 2011

... but I have to show you more pics from the fair, little bit of deco and living style...
The Christmas world was divided into 4 elements...
I just love this secretary desk, the color is just perfect!
New trends in Christmas deco and living...
How to set the table for Christmas 2011... modern but I am a fan:)
Something about that blue color makes me thing that blue shades are not that bad at all. And I guess I was hypnotize by it because I missed the no photo sign (oh well).
Snowy decorations...
I'm all for a deer in pink coat greeting at my door.
Hmmmm, it looks like a cake...
Christmas tree deco, I like the pearl stars a lot!
Taking notes for the upcoming Christmas... wreath design -> check!
I saw the sign this time but I couldn't resist... sorry:(

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