my herb garden.

July 30, 2010

I got peppermint, basil, thyme, sage, chives, lemon balm, stevia, Cyprus oregano, and rosemary. Lavender didn't make in the picture. The big tree on the left is an orange tree that has little green fruits peeking out at the moment. So, I have to wait some time to be able to try them out:(. I am still missing couple other herbs that could be useful in the kitchen but everything has its time:) I already prepared some tin pots as you can see in the picture and some miniature garden tools. I plan to make more labels for all the herbs but for now only the big pot with the chives has a hand-stamped label. I just love this rustic wooden stand from retif but I have to be careful with watering.

Now, I have to finish packing because I am off to a friends cottage, by a lake. So, I believe we will have a blast. Well, at least we hope we will, if the rain stops:) Be back on Monday!

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