12 butterflies.

July 09, 2010

Wow, it's too hot in Slovakia today and I'm starting to think that having an AC would be a great idea! Or, I wish I could just jump into our pool that is unfortunately occupied by fishes. Don't even ask how did they get there:) I don't know what we will do during the weekend when the weather forecast says - tropical heat - up to 37 degrees celsius. I guess we have to move to the basement eventually. It's nice down there, little bit dark but nicely cold:)
Today, I made a butterfly wreath full of colors. I did couple more creative things as well but lets leave that for the next posts. I wish we had such pretty colored butterflies here in real to take pictures of them. All you need for this project is scissors, drawing-compass, piece of cardboard and couple feather butterflies (I'm using twelve pieces in six different colors).
Here is a little picture tutorial for you. It is very simple to make this wreath and it took me literally five minutes to finish. I used butterflies with a plastic hair clip on the back, which made it easy to attach to the paper base. But, you can use glue if there is no clip or if they have a wire just wrap it around the cardboard frame. I made little cut outs into the cardboard circle for each butterfly. Have fun with the butterflies!

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