slovak wedding and traditions.

January 28, 2013

... and it continues with a documentary pictures. This is a 'odčepčenie' ceremony... is accompanied by  candles, traditional Volk music, songs and dancing. A group of women in traditional Volk costumes sing traditional songs while taking of the veil and replacing it with bonnet. Back in the days the girls were wearing a delicate green wreath as a symbol of purity and virginity instead of a vail and the wreath was replaced by the bonnet as a symbol of the bride becoming a woman. It is very tear dropping and moving when you watch the whole performances in candle light and listen to the beautiful  voices. I usually get shivers and tears just start dropping down my cheeks without a warning. Sooo embarassing:)
... a pokračuje to dokumentárnými fotkami z odčepčovania ktoré bolo neuveritelne dojímave.  

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