travel, travel, travel.

March 30, 2011

Yes, I am traveling again. This time hopefully staying longer in one spot without flying anywhere:) The next post will be from a different continent and hopefully with a better running computer. I need to drop my computer at the Apple 'hospital' for a complete revitalization. Wish me luck...  I'm flying through JFK again (despite of saying I'll never do that again) and I'm definitely not trilled about it:))
Áno, znova cestujem. Dúfam, že tentoraz ostanem na jednom mieste dlhšie než pár mesiacov bez toho aby som niekam letela. D'alší príspevok bude už z druhého kontinentu. Držte mi palce... letím znovu cez  New York ale nadšená z toho určite niesom:)))

This is what I'm leaving behind back home in Slovakia, isn't he cute?!?!:)))

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