happy new year.

January 01, 2011

A little bit late but I wish you all a very Happy New Year! To make my story short, my trip overseas was a nightmare. I got stuck in London for 9 hours, the same amount of time in the plane on the runway at JFK just because all the custom officers left, and than my flight to Orlando got canceled. The official status - 1st available flight on Jan 1st. Hurray!!! I was put on the stand-by-list but didn't have sense to wait as they keep on canceling all the flights to Florida anyway.  So, I got the nearest possible flight, which was Washington, DC and Mr.D was so kind and drove 13 hours over to take me out of the misery. How awesome is my husband?!?!  On the way back we stop in Savannah to take a brake, enjoy good food, beautiful architecture, and warm weather. So nice to be out of planes, airports, and cars.

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